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Awards & Recognitions

Since 2012 and up to the Latest Practicable Date, we have been accredited as a High-tech Enterprise (高新技術企業). We received various awards, including Yingde Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize (英德市科學技術進步獎勵二等獎) awarded by Yingde Municipal People’s Government* (英德市人民政府), and Qingyuan Excellent Enterprise (清遠市優秀企業) awarded by Qingyuan Enterprise Association* (清遠市企業聯合會), Qingyuan Entrepreneur Association* (清遠市企業家協會) and Qingyuan Daily Office* (清遠日報社).

During the Track Record Period, we also received the following major awards and recognitions:

Year of grant Award or recognition Issuing institution/authority
2019 Guangdong Excellent Enterprise in 2018
Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation* (廣東省企業聯合會) and Guangdong Provincial Association of Enterprise (廣東省企業家協會)
2018 Guangdong Innovative Enterprise
Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association*
2016 Qingyuan Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize
Qingyuan Municipal People’s Government*

During the Track Record Period, our high-purity tantalum pentoxide was accredited as a high-tech product (高新技術產品) by Guangdong Science and Technology Department* (廣東省科學技術廳). Our high-purity niobium pentoxide and potassium heptafluorotantalate were also accredited as high-tech products by Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association* (廣東省高新技術企業協會).