Ximei Resources Holding Limited
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Production Facilities

Our Group was established in 2006. Over the years, we focused on the production and sale of tantalum- and niobium-based metallurgical products, and gradually expanded our production and operations. While our annual production capacity of potassium heptafluorotantalate has maintained at 207 tonnes since the commencement of our production in 2010, our annual production capacity of pentoxide products increased from approximately 171 tonnes in 2010 to approximately 1,282.5 tonnes for FY2018.

As at the Latest Practicable Date, our production facilities had nine production lines for pentoxide products and potassium heptafluorotantalate. We can also produce six types of recycled products using our waste material recycling facilities. Our production plant is located in Yingde, Guangdong Province, which is in close proximity to several major national and provincial expressways and ports, connecting us with the major cities in Guangdong Province, as well as enabling us to ship our products and procure our principal raw materials through the South China Sea.